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Mountain biking in the midcoast of Maine has roots that go back a long way. Please come back and visit this page soon. We have some exciting stories and history to share with you…just as soon as we finish writing.

Current Membership List (last updated 4/15/16)
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John Anders
Josh Hixson & Tara Barker & Family
Lydia, Owen, Clara & Chase Bragg
Lana Buchanan
Jason Buck
Paul Burns
Kevin & Kelly Callahan
Scott Carlson
Robin Chace
Aaron, Emily, Luke & Will Cheesman
Ian & Susanne Cooke
David Cooper
Julie Corcoran
Jason Currier
Blaine Curtis
Andrew & Nell Dailey
Tor Denny
Greg Dolbec
Thor Emory
Danielle Fagonde
Ryan & Erica Gates
Bob & Family Gordon
Karen Coluzzi & Parker Hackett
Michael Hartley
George Haselton
Tuck & Eli Hood
Lieven Iserbyt
Tom Jamrog
Peter Kalajian
Stacey Keefer
Steven & Lynda Koskinen
Morgan Laidlaw & Family
Brian Lamb
Andre & Cheryl LeBlond
Todd & Dillon Mackey
Jack Mann
Andrew & Family Marshall
Emily McDevitt
Trevor Mills
Katherine & Owen Morong
Elizabeth Moss
Jack, London, Kim & Charlie Nicolet
Eric, Elisa & Kayla Olds
Jordan Peasley
Ann Pixley
Ian Reyer
Ned Rochester
Christopher Rogers
Rebekah Smith
Devon Smith
Stephanie, Walter & Patrick Szarka
Darby & Kathleen Urey
Andy Vaughan
Michael White
Erik Winters
Ted Wissink