Goose River Area

Let’s start by saying that the Goose River Area would not be possible without the support and generosity of private landowners, the Coastal Mountains Land Trust, the Town of Camden and countless volunteer hours.  Although it goes without saying, please respect this special privilege, stay off the trails during hunting season (November) and stop to say hello if you encounter walkers, hikers and others out on the trails.  We can share.

It’s a beautiful spot!  Let’s work together to keep it beautiful.  Pack it in and pack it out.  On the rare occasion that you encounter a piece of litter…toss it in your pack and haul it out.

NO PARKING:  Please do NOT park at the Rollins Road Trail head or the Apple Tree trail head.  Help us manage the expectations of the landowners and neighborhood residents by parking at the Camden Snow Bowl.   It’s a short pedal over.  Thank you for your cooperation.

The back of the McNEMBA trail map is dedicated to the Goose River Area.  There are 5 distinct sections:

  1. The traverse section from Rollins Road to the Sadie’s (old stone foundation)
  2. Immediately uphill from Sadie’s is a fun technical section (Tim Pan Alley, Soundgarden and a variety of fun rock features
  3. Across the upper most bridge to the Lollipop Loop (a favorite of kids young and old), and the G5 (Goose to 5 Brooks) Connector.  Thank you CMLT.
  4. Downhill from the Lollipop Loop and across the 2nd bridge takes you to the south slope where you can enjoy Cake Walk, Chutes & Ladders…and the River Run
  5. Cross either the 3rd bridge (Tim’s Berm) or the 4th (lower) bridge to Baseline gets you back to the north slope and trails like Goose, IPA, Smizzler and other fun flowy trails.  This section can also be accessed from the Sadie’s area by several trails like LGB, Truck Driver and the ATV artery.

The trails are normally absent of mud/wet sections.  In the spring there can be a few low spots on the Lollipop Loop, G5 and the LGB trails.   Get off your bike, minimize your impact…and enjoy they rest of your ride.  Much appreciated!